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Computer Support Specialist, Computer Support
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My name is Phillip Prieto. I have been providing commercial IT services for over 25 years. I began as a programmer for one of Wall Streets largest financial trading institutions and moved my way into consulting businesses who were looking for a consultant who would not only understand what their needs were  but to continue to help them grow and keep them competitive in the technology world. The willingness to learn new technology and to stay on top of the changing demands in IT has been a huge part of my success.

DotQ4 received -
Best of Mokena 2022!

The engineers here at dotQ4 come from training in the military to Microsoft professionals. Although there are many different types of office environments we adapt well and continue to use our way of supporting those environments. Our services start with an office network evaluation and from there we will work with you to determine the best strategy for your business. We have certain computer hardware and software that we recommend to our customers that we have had great success and support for. Support is the key in IT today.  With all the years of experience and knowledge we have incorporated and the different types of IT scenarios we have been challenged with it has helped us throughout the years in gaining the experience we have accumulated throughout the years.


#1 Priority

Data Loss Can't Be Measured...

We have made it our purpose to support and put our best effort forward on protecting every single customer that allows us to support their office networking needs. dotQ4 is not a service provider that try's to sell something based on fear but on fact.  So if you are in need of an IT service company to help protect your office data I am certain we can support your office to the fullest of our ability. 

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