Why Diligent IT Services and Network Maintenance is Important

The Average time to detect a Malicious or criminal Attack by a global study sample of                                                      organizations was 170 days. 

     Even with the tightest security controls, any company can become a victim to                                                                     ransomware.

As long as you're connected to the Internet, you can become a victim of cyber attacks. What many don't realize is that they need to implement cybersecurity solutions to protect all networks equally from attack while recognizing their specific requirements and priorities. Many people believe that data backup services are enough but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

What happens if your organization is infected and your files are encrypted? Even with the tightest security controls, any company can become a victim to ransomware. Ransomware - as well as other types of malware will always produce new or versions of old and successful variants. It's important for threat analysts, IT engineers, security and risk teams in general, to stay up to date on emerging trends and indicators of compromise to ward off attacks and minimize damage. 

The Internet of Everything is accelerating, crating significant opportunities of organizations, individuals, communities, and countries as more things come online along with the people, process and data that interact with them.  It's no secret that today's attackers have the resources, expertise, and persistence to compromise any organization if given enough time. Traditional defenses, including firewalls and endpoint anti-virus, no longer work against these attacks. 

Hacktivism is the main motivation that drives Cyber-Attacks.  Many recent ransmonware attacks have leveraged phishing and spam emails as the primary attack method. They have high sucess rates with this method. 

                                      Social Media is a Hacker's favorite target

                                     - Like jacking (buttons in Facebook)

                                     - Phishing methods.

                                     - Social Spam: User generated content.

                                     - Employees

According to Radware's 2016-2017 global Application & Network Security Report.  In parallel to the ransomware plague, radware witnessed an emerging trend of hackers (and copycats) who extort organization by posing an imminent threat of a DDos attack - one out of six organizations was a Vitim.  As Iot botnets have become more powerful, radware has witnessed an increase ni the number of ransom threats that companies have received in 2017. So far, two hacker groups have risen above the rest: XMR Squad and Fancy Bear.

 Are there ways to frustrate the attempts of a hacker from accessing your office network?

                                                             The answer is yes

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