5 Signs your IT Infrastruture is Falling Behind

Do you want to innovate with IT, but will your organization's server and network infrastructure support that initiative?

Do you have to?

Do you think you can become a victim of data theft?

It's more important than ever that IT strategists verify that their end-users are getting the necessary tools and that they are following the latest trends to perform all critical business functions.  It's all too frequent business office personal get too comfortable with the status quo and let's their infrastructure and associated services go without updates or upgrades.


Increasing number of IT help support calls

The increase of support calls escalate it's likely your infrastructure and associated services are no longer meeting the needs of the office. 


Hardware/software failures and outages on the rise. 

Without proper maintenance the risk for increasing chances of a devastating failure can occur and will cause production to fall behind. 



Rise in the use of Shadow IT

When an office chooses to take care of IT issues to save on paying an IT Consultant or Engineer it is referred to as Shadow IT.  They abandon the use of a Professional IT to take care of their IT issues.  When the office cannot figure out IT issues it will become increasingly difficult to maintain normal production. 


Nobody wants to work for you

IT Job market is hot! The word gets around in the IT circle. Their are so many meetups, meetings and local conferences IT talks. They know what consultants\engineers are interested and who isn't. A lot of times the good IT knows that your infrastructure is far past its prime. In fact, it might be so old that your potential candidates have no experience or no desire to work with it. Now there is always going to be someone that is going to need the work and will take on work that they will run up the bill because the company will be paying for their learning process.


New tech initiative is scrapped due to shortcomings in the infrastructure

New IT projects and initiatives can be a fantastic way to move a business forward. We cannot deny that their may be a cost to move a business forward that will give them additional protection for their office network and get them up to date with their IT Infrastructure but it is well worth it. 

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